Site Rules for Vauxhall Central Owners Club (VCOC).

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Site Rules for Vauxhall Central Owners Club (VCOC).

Post by Admin on 27th April 2012, 3:05 am


Harassing, flaming and threatening other users WILL NOT be tolerated. You need to remember that there are real people behind these screen names, real people with real feelings.

You agree before posting that you have NOT registered with this Club with the sole intention to harass, flame, post inflamatory or derogatory comments about any Member or the Club as a whole.

You agree also before posting that you have NOT registered with this Club with the sole intention to post obscene, adult or pornagraphic material.

You agree also before posting that you have NOT registered with this Club with the sole intention to cause aggravation, threaten violence and to bring other Car Club disputes onto Vauxhall Central (VCOC).

Moderators & Admin reserve the right to remove any posts if they find them inappropriate in any way. Persistant offenders will be subject to a temporary or permanent ban at the discretion of Admin.

Explicit Material

Posting or even linking to sexually explicit remarks or any type of pornographic images is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This is a banning offence and will not be tolerated for a second. Offenders will be dealt with either a warning or a temporary or permanent ban. Severe incidents and repeated postings will be reported to the Police and the IP address's, the name of the ISP, phone numbers, postal address etc if held by VCOC will be supplied to the Law Enforcement agencies.

Private Messaging

Private messages (PM's) are deemed to be private, hence the name. Please respect the privacy of other members, do not post the contents of a PM in a public Forum without the other party's permission. You have the right to report a PM to Admin  if you feel you are being harassed or intimidated by another member via the Private Messaging system. In the first instance please contact Admin or a Moderator for their advice on how to proceed further.


You are kindly asked to respect the decisions of the Moderators & Admin of VCOC at all times and accept their decision is final in all matters.

The English language.

Is the language of the country where this Club is located and is what we expect to see, therefore Text (txt speak i.e C U L8er) is not English and not tolerated here, so any posts in 'txt speak' will be deleted.

Advertising on this Site of other Car Clubs

This is strictly not allowed under any circumstances and such links will be removed unless prior permission has been obtained from Admin. Moderators cannot authorise this, contact Vectra-Arctic or PoppyBabe for permission before proceeding.

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